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Formulated to match the optimal nutritional profile instinctively preferred by adult cats. Helps promote a healthy urinary system and helps maintain ideal weight.
Manufacturer: Royal Canin
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Royal Canin Instinctive is a variety of wet food for adult cats specially formulated to maintain a healthy urinary system. One of the most common health issues for adult cats is urinary stones. Feline Instinctive is made in a way that they reduce the concentration of the minerals which may lead to urinary stone. Feline Instinctive is also best in maintaining your cat's ideal weight with providing an adequate amount of essential nutrients that they need. It is in juicy chunks with gravy packed in a pouch to ensure freshness and formulated to satisfy their natural preferences for food.




Meat and animal derivatives, fish and fish derivatives, cereals, vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals, various sugars.


Guaranteed Analysis:


  • Protein: 12%

  • Fat Content: 2.8%

  • Crude Ash: 1.7%

  • Crude Fibres: 0.6%


Feeding Guide:


Recommended daily quantities (g/day):




Weight (kg) Pouches per day or Grams per day
3 2.5 20-25
4 3 35-40
5 3.5 40-45
6 4 45-55






Closely monitor your cat’s body condition and pay regular visits to your veterinarian.Ensure your cat is always provided with clean, fresh water.



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