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100% complete food
Developed with vets
No added sugar
No artificial colours or flavours
Enriched with Omega 6
Manufacturer: Pedigree
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A 100% Complete and balanced meal made with moist meaty chunks and specific ingredients to give him healthy vitality and a meal he’ll love every day.

Moist meaty chunks provide high quality protein for strong muscles.

Natural prebiotic fibres for good gut health.

Selected vegetables for minerals and vitamins.

Specially designed crunchy pieces for healthy gums and teeth.

Enriched with Omega 6 for healthy skin and glossy coat.


Cereals Meat and Animal Derivaives (including 4% Beef)
Oils and Fats (including 0.2% Fish Oil, 0.2% Sunflower Oil) Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (including 2% Dried Beet Pulp) Minerals (including 0.7% Sodium Tripolyphosphate) Antioxidants, Preservatives Nutrition
Analytical Constituents

Protein:  21%
Fat content: 13%
Inorganic matter: 6.5%
Crude fibres:  3%
Calcium: 1.3%
Phosphorus:  1%

Feeding instructions:

You might need to adjust the amount of food according to the level of activity, breed and age of your dog.
Allow a transition phase when offering new food.
Fresh water should always be available.

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