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The Charlet's Pet Nursing Bottle is just the thing for any little pup who just might be missing Mommy. Specifically designed for feeding small, newborn puppies. Comes with extra nipple.

Product Description

For newborn animals. Contains: One 2 oz nursing bottle. This bottle is designed for feeding small, newborn animals such as kittens, puppies or hamsters. The bottle markings help to gauge the appropriate amount of formula for each feeding. The tiny is also designed to fit tiny animals' mouths. Also for orphaned animals.

Preparation Instructions

To prepare the new nipple for nursing, you must puncture the tip with a hot needle or cut a small cross in using a razor blade. Start with a small hole or cross cut and adjust the opening depending upon the need for a heavier flow of formula. We recommend that the bottle, cap and nipple be cleaned with boiling water after each use.

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